Workshops in Križevci and Zalakaros

Within the preparatory activities for the preparation of Joint action plan of Križevci and Zalakaros cyclotourism development, two joint workshops were held gathering the representatives of the Town of Križevci and the Town of Zalakaros, with the aim to establish common potentials for the further development of cyclotourism.

The workshop in Križevci was held on Monday 10th September 2018 on the topic “Existing cyclotourism infrastructure in Križevci and plans for further development and positioning”. The workshop began with the presentation of the tourist offer and potentials of the town Križevci and its surroundings by Olinka Gjigaš, director of the Tourist Board Town of Križevci, after which the Town of Križevci Deputy Mayor Danijel Šaško presented the conclusions from the previously organized forum, as well as the currently existing cyclotourism infrastructure and programmes in Križevci. The discussion followed with the proposals and suggestions of project partners for further joint development and positioning towards EuroVelo 13 route. The workshop was concluded with the tour through sites and attractions in the area of Križevci.

The Zalakaros workshop was held on Friday 14th September 2018 on the topic “Development of cyclotourism infrastructure and programmes in Zalakaros”, where representatives of the Town of Zalakaros and Zalakaros Tourist Office presented the existing state of the development of cyclotourism infrastructure, after which the possibilities of linking and expanding existing tourism programmes in Zalakaros with new cyclotourism and recreational activities were discusses by project partners.

Workshop in Križevci:

Workshop in Zalakaros: