Signed contract for construction of pedestrian-biking trails in Križevci

The most important activity that the Town of Križevci conducts within the project “Cyclo-Net” refers to the execution of works on the construction and modernization of bicycle paths, bicycle bridge and section of the access road to the viewing point, therefore, from the very beginning of the implementation of the project, Town of Križevci started the preparatory activities in connection to the necessary documentation for the implementation of the public procurement procedure for carrying out the above mentioned works.

After the public procurement procedure has been implemented, the contract for the performance of works with the selected tenderer, the company Radnik d.d. was concluded on 2nd July 2018 on the total amount of 4.611.005,84 kuna including VAT and the deadline for execution of the contract is 150 calendar days from the date of the contract signature. The contract includes the execution of works on pedestrian-biking trails in the following sections in Križevci:
Section 1 King Tomislav Street
Section 2 St. Florian Square
Section 3 Zagreb Street
Section 4 Croatian Veterans’ Street
Section 5 Tadija Smiciklas Street
Section 6.1 Franjo Rački Street
Section 6.2 Franjo Marković Street
Section 7 Franjo Tuđman Street

and the construction of the bicycle bridge over the Vrtlin stream in Ivan Gundulić Street, as well as construction of sequence of the access road at Ratarna Street from the viewing point to Potočka Street.