Project activities

Reconstruction of Existing and the Construction of New Bicycle Routes

This activity will mean the reconstruction of existing routes and the construction of new ones in Križevci and Balatonszemes, including:

• a total of 3,900 meters of routes in the area around Križevci, 1,917 meters of which will be new construction, while the other 1,983 meters will be the reconstruction and renovation of existing routes;
• a total of 1,850 meters of routes in the area around Balatonszemes, 1,150 meters of which will be new construction, while the other 700 meters will be the reconstruction of existing routes.

In Križevci the new bicycle routes are linked to the existing route on Nikola Tesla Street, which ends at the railway station. The new route runs from the railway station and crosses Tomislav Street until it connects with Marcel Kiepach Street. A new bicycle route is being built on Marcel Kiepach Street, which links Tomislav and Nikola Tesla Streets and which will make a small circular route for bicycles. From the intersection of Tomislav and Kiepach Streets the route continues across Gundulićeva Street and passes its entire length to the intersection with Koprivnička Street. The route continues along Ban Jelačić Street and the east side of Ban Lacković Square, where a parking area is being made as the starting point of a bicycle tour, and it continues on Svetokriška Street to the junction with Potočka Street. The existing route on Potočka Street leads to the turnoff for the sports hall, where a new route will lead beside the hall and the stadium and which will be linked to the Dragutin Novak walking path will lead to the starting point on Ban Lacković Square.

In Balatonszemes reconstruction of the dilapidated Tompa Mihály Street, which is used only by the residents of the street, is being carried out. Specifically, the asphalt layer of the street is 3.1 meters wide and on both sides of the street there is a green belt with a minimum width of 2.5 meters. Since it is a dead-end street, and because of previous requirements, it will be ideal for bicycle traffic and recreation after its reconstruction. In regard to the construction of new bicycle routes, they will be on the western side of the street, which is linked to a park that is not accessible to automobiles, while Kisfaludy Street and the railway station can be reached through the park by bicycle. The construction area extends all the way to Kikötő Street.


Renovation of Starting Points, Rest Areas, and Overlooks on Bicycle Routes

In Križevci, in addition to the construction of seven sections of bicycle paths, four rest areas will be renovated and one overlook will be built.

The existing parking area on Ban Lacković Square has been selected as the starting point of the bicycle tour of Križevci. It will be asphalted and renovated as a place where visitors can come by automobile and begin their bicycle tour of the city.

Four rest areas will be renovated as part of this project:

• next to the railway station on Tomislav Street;
• at the facility known as the ”pump track” renovated by the Križevci Association of Bicyclists – next to the stadium and sports hall;
• on Kiepach Street – the green area facing Tesla Street;
• on Gundulić Street – at the children’s playground.

The overlook will be built on Ratarna Street at a location established by the General Urban Plan. It will be situated next to the Križevci-Čabraji mountain biking-bicycling route.

In Balatonszemes a bicycling rest area will be made at a location next to the railway station. This site is a green area where bicyclists will be able to find a shelter and the necessary services, which meets the requirements of the organizational plan of the district. It will include a covered storage area in the open with the possibility for the storage and locking of bicycles with tables and chairs for resting and information sheets. In addition, the area will be lit with lighting that operates on renewable energy sources so that bicyclists can use the rest area regardless of the time of day.


Erection of Signposts

Signposts will also set up on the route to indicate to bicyclists important natural and cultural sites and other locations related to tourism, sports and recreation in Križevci and Balatonszemes.


Renovation and Equipping of Mountain Biking and Bicycling Routes

This activity is carried out only by the chief beneficiary, the City of Križevci, and it include the renovation and equipping of two mountain biking-bicycling routes that are located in the area of Križevci:

• Route A: Križevci-Kalnik –18 kilometres long, to a great extent it is part of a walking and hiking route,
• Route B: Križevci-Čabraji –25 kilometres long, circular, passes through Sveta Helena to Čabraji and returns through Veliki and Mali Potočec and Ratarna to Križevci.


Preparation of the Master Plan and the Map of Capillary Bicycling Routes

The preparation of the master plan and map of capillary bicycling routes in the area of the City of Križevci and the District of Balatonszemes, which will be linked to the future Balaton-Adriatic international bicycling corridor, is being coordinated by the chief beneficiary, the City of Križevci, while the project partner, the District of Balatonszemes, is actively participating in the implementation of activities and through the preparation of GPS software and the preparation of data to be entered into the map.

In these activities, the capillary bicycling routes are shorter routes that are linked to the larger international bicycling corridor, in this case the future Balaton-Adriatic (BA) route. It is made up of a network of bicycling routes and paths. It might be an additional primary, or ”backbone” route, or a network of capillary routes and paths between the main routes that criss-cross some area. Such capillary routes and paths should allow visitors to spend more time examining a destination in more detail. They will also be especially suitable for the creation of thematic bicycling routes and paths because they are easier to organize and they offer visitors of more concentrated and meaningful experience.


Preparation of a Portal for Management by Tourist Destination

This activity is being carried out only by the Hungarian partner, the District of Balatonszemes, and involves the preparation of a portal for management by a tourist destination in cooperation with local governments along the future Balaton-Adriatic international bicycling route. The portal will contain all important information about routes, accommodations, restaurants, rest areas, overlooks and other points of interest.


Preparation of GPS Software

This activity is being implemented only by the Hungarian partner, the District of Balatonszemes. It involves a GPS application that shows bicycling routes and important tourist destinations with a description and photographs. The routes can be loaded into a GPS device. The application will allow tourists to find the Balaton-Adriatic bicycling routes, without having tourist signs along the entire route.


Equipping of Info Points

Both partners are participating in the implementation of this activity, which includes the procurement of touch screen devices with information about bicycling routes and other recreational and tourist possibilities. Two such touch screen devices will be set up in Križevci and one in Balatonszemes.


Bicycling Tour

Both project partners are implementing this activity. It consists of organizing sports-recreational bicycling events suitable for all groups – from the youngest to the oldest.


Workshop Safely by Bicycle”

The City of Križevci is implementing this activity, which consists of the organization of a workshop for children from pre-school to elementary and high school age on bicycle safety. A promotional brochure, ”Safely by Bicycle,” has also been adapted for the youngest participants in the workshop.


Bicycling Exhibitions

This project will include the organization of two exhibitions, which will show the development of bicycling through history at the local level, in the area around Križevci and Balatonszemes, and show the bicycle as a means of transportation, its sports-recreational role, and more recently, it increasing use in tourism for an active vacation, a weekend excursion, and for touristic visits. The goal of the exhibitions is to present interesting aspects of local historical bicycling and to promote bicycling tourism.


Other Activities – Managing the Project of Promotion

Management of the project includes implementing the project, the preparation and organization of all project activities, carrying out procurement procedures, and regular reporting to the Hungarian and Croatian monitoring agencies and the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Hungarian-Croatian Cross-Border Program in Budapest.

Promotion of the project includes the preparation of the web page, issuing press releases to the media, setting up information placards; newspaper, radio and television advertising; articles and inserts; and the production of leaflets, brochures and other promotional activities whose purpose is to bring the goals, activities and results of the project closer to residents, tourists, the media, and the general public.