Press conference on the signing of the subsidization contract

Konferencija za novinare povodom potpisivanja Ugovora o subvenciji

In Križevci on 30 June 2014, the Contract on Subsidization was signed between the Administrative Office of the IPA Cross-Border Programmed of Hungary and Croatia and the City of Križevci for the project ”By Bicycle from Balaton to the Adriatic.” A press conference was also held.

The press conference was moderated by Darko Masnec, the Director of the Administrative Department for the Economy and Finance, and also the project coordinator. In the introductory portion Branko Hrg, Mayor of the City of Križevci, greeted all of the representatives of the media and underlined the importance of tourism as one of the strategic commitments of Križevci, emphasizing the continuity in the implementation of the project and the fact that this project is a continuation of tourist projects related to the wine road and the reconstruction of the visitor’s centre.

A representative of the project partner, József Takács, Head of the District of Balatonszemes, was also present. He stressed the importance of sport-recreational tourism to the District of Balatonszemes and the fact that is based on the common needs and interests of the two communities, with a possibility expanding their cooperation.

Before the Joint Technical Secretariat of the IPA Cross-Border Programme of Hungary and Croatia, and also presenting the Administrative Office of the programme, its director, Dr. Márton Szűcs, expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation to date with the city of Križevci, and with the number and quality of the projects that the people of Križevci have registered and successfully carried out within this program.

Before the actual signing of the Contract on Subsidization, Marija Podolski, the project director, presented the project in greater detail. She underscored that the City of Križevci is the lead contractor in the project, and that the District of Balatonszemes is a project, while Koprivnica-Križevci County, the Tourist Board of the City of Križevci and the Sport-Bicycle Association of the City of Marcali are supporting the project as associated partners. The main goal of the project if the construction of the capillary sections of the future Balaton-Adriatic bicycle route in support of the sustainable development of tourism in the region, while some of the specific goals include the preparation of a plan for the further development of bicycling and mountain biking trails, the promotion and positioning of Križevci and Balatonszemes and improving the quality of life of the local population. Project implementation began on 1 May 2014 and will last for 20 months, or until 31 December 2015. The total value of the project is 925,630 EUR, 85% of which is financed by the European Union and 15% of which is provided by the project partners. The main activities of the project include the reconstruction of parts of the existing bicycling trails and the construction of new ones, the outfitting of bicycling rest areas, investment in the development of trails for mountain biking, preparing maps of the bicycle trails, designing the GPS software, and other activities that promote bicycling and bicycle tourism.