Town of Križevci

Križevci is one of the oldest medieval towns in Northern Croatia. Already in 1193 it gained the status of a free royal town.
This town of a long and turbulent past was host to 38 status meetings called „Sabor“, one of which was the infamous „bloody sabor of Križevci“ of the year 1397. The sabors were held in the church Sv. Križa, which the town allegedly was named after. Križevci is also known as the town of the eight church towers, to which it owes its distinctive silhouette. The church Sv. Križa dates from 1232 and contains a unique baroque marble altar from the year 1756 by Francesco Robba and a painted depiction of the „bloody sabor“ by Oton Iveković, which is eight meters broad and adorns an arch in the sanctuary.
The greek catholic diocese is owner of the most representative sacral building and the highest-value complex of the Greek catholic cathedral Presvetoga Trojstva as well as of the Bishop’s residence with its treasury and a library holding examples of books from the 15th and 16th century.

Križevci’s patron saint is St. Marko Križevčanin, who was the third Croat to be canonised. His day, September 7th, attracts a big number of believers to the town each year.

The town has always been an important centre of education and schooling. One of the first reading rooms of Croatia was opened here in 1839, and already in 1860 the Institute of Economy and Forestry was put in place.

Križevci is the birth town of the statutes of Križevci, a written rulebook on good table manners that was known already in the 18th century. Without it, real celebrations and amusements were hardly conceivable. The statutes of Križevci were written by cheerful, generous and well meaning people who loved the good wines, for which the Križevci and Kalnik region has always been famous.

In the course of the year, numerous events are taking place in town, starting from the most well known Križevačko veliko Spravišče, which for nearly half a century has given Križevci the reputation to be a very hospitable place. Among the other events, the celebration in honour of the wine saints Sv. Vinko („Vincekovo“) and Sv. Martin („Martinje“) are worth mentioning as well as the Križevci carnival, the days of the Croatians saints and blesseds, the trade and crafts fair of the County of Koprivnica-Križevci and the day of St. Marko Križevčanin.

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