Construction and reconstruction of pedestrian-biking trails

The activity includes reconstruction of existing surfaces and construction of new cycling trails in Križevci and Zalakaros, as follows:

  • a total of 4.350 m trails in the area of ​​Križevci and
  • a total of 2.943,87 m trails in the Zalakaros area.

In Križevci, a total of 4.35 km of interconnected pedestrian-biking trails were built within the Cyclo-Net project at the following locations: part of King Tomislav Street, Franjo Tuđman Street, St. Florian Square, Zagreb Street, Croatian Veterans’ Street, Tadija Smičiklas Street, Franjo Rački Street and Franjo Marković Street.

In Zalakaros, almost 3 km of pedestrian-biking trails were built at the following locations: Zalakaros Thermal Street, Petőfi Sándor Street, Fő Street and Kossuth Lajos Street.

Construction and reconstruction of other cycling related infrastructure

In addition to the construction of pedestrian-biking trails, within the Cyclo-Net project a bicycle bridge in Ivan Gundulić Street on the Vrtlin stream and the sequence of the road at Ratarna Street from viewing point to Potočka Street has been built, as well as 5 resting points in the following locations:

  1. St. Florian Square
  2. Franjo Tuđman Street – 2 resting points
  3. Franjo Rački Street
  4. Franjo Marković Street

A bicycle bridge was built in Zalakaros.


The resting points built within the project have been equipped with benches, garbage bins and bicycle stands, and are also decorated and dedicated to important people from the history of Križevci, as started by the previous BA biking project.

Preparation of the Joint Action Plan for the development of cyclotourism in Križevci and Zalakaros

In addition to infrastructure construction, the project also includes other activities aimed at linking and better positioning of Križevci and Zalakaros to international and national bicycle corridors. Thus, forums were organized on the topic “Križevci / Zalakaros on the map of the national network of bicycle routes” and workshops “Existing cyclotourism infrastructure in Križevci / Zalakaros and plans for further development and positioning”, as preparatory activities for the preparation of the Joint Action Plan for the development of cyclotourism in Križevci and Zalakaros.

The joint action plan for cyclotourism development in Križevci and Zalakaros deals with the existing state of cyclotourism infrastructure and programmes in the area of ​​Križevci and Zalakaros (development of cycling infrastructure, active excursions and recreational tourism programmes, connection with other programmes and surrounding municipalities), encompasses SWOT analysis and explores the connections between Krizevci and Zalakaros and existing and planned new national networks of cycling routes, defines development goals and main development projects in the field of infrastructure, services, promotion and organization.

Preparing the map and posting signs

The project includes the creation of a joint map showing the EuroVelo 13 route, the national bicycle corridors and the existing capillary biking trails in Križevci and Zalakaros, with a presentation of possible routes for cyclotourists using EuroVelo and national routes, as well as the possibility of retaining on local capillary routes.

In addition, it is planned to post signs pointing towards main routes and corridors.

Arranging and equipping mountain-biking trails

Within the Cyclo-Net project further arrangement and equipping of mountain bike trails around Križevci has been planned, which was also initiated by the previous BA biking project, where mountain bike routes named ”Route A” and ”Route B” have been decorated. The Cyclo-Net project will continue the started activities, in order decorate other mountain bike trails arranged and make them more attractive for mountain bikers.

Improving cyclotourism offer, marketing and promotion of Križevci and Zalakaros

In order to create a range of cyclotourism, recreational and excursion programmes that accompany the development of infrastructure and attract visitors, co-operation with tourist agencies and joint creation of tourist packages is planned, as well as investments in their marketing, promotion and branding.

Cyclotourism events

Within the Cyclo-Net project Town of Križevci planned the organization of cycling sports and recreational events aimed at participants of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, while the Hungarian partner Town of Zalakaros will organize an international bicycle race in June 2019.

Other activities – project management and promotion

Project management includes management of project implementation, preparation and organization of all project activities, implementation of the procurement procedures, as well as regular reporting towards the Hungarian and Croatian national control bodies and Joint Secretariat of the Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020.

The promotion of the project includes the preparation of the proejct website, publishing press releases, publishing information and articles in newspapers, radio and television advertisements, leaflets, brochures and other promotional activities aimed at informing public and media on project activities, objectives and results.