Lake Route – Ravenska Kapela

Lake Route - Ravenska Kapela

Route is partially marked

Route is partially marked

The route starts from the centre of Križevci and before the cemetery turns left toward Sveti Petar Orehovec. After a short climb at Gornja Vina, the route descends at Guščerovec and continues to Sveti Petar Orehovec, where it turns left toward Miholec, where it joins the BOP route and Brežani goes to Ravenska Kapela. The area of the lake is a little known gathering place for hunters and fishermen. Following the Črnec Creek, the route leads to Dubovac Veliki Raven, where next to the Church of St. Ladislav it turns right toward Mali Raven, Špiranec and Prikraj to return by a circular route via the railway station Križevac to the centre of town.

Length of the routes: 36 km | Physical exertion: 3/5 | Base: 100% asphalt

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