Lake Route – Čabraji


Signs on the route

The route starts from the centre of Križevci, passes the avenue of trees in the Upper Town, and before the cemetery turns right in the direction of Apatovac, known as the source of Kalnik mineral water. After a short climb to Ivanac Križevački, the route turns right toward Čabraji. In the town itself a left turn leads to the lake. On the right-hand side of the route is Village Tourism “Rakić,” which on weekends and by appointment offer a rich selection of domestic food. Lake Čabraji covers about eight hectares and is a real magnet for tourists desiring peace, fishing and long walks in the unspoiled nature. The lake shore is ideal for camping, while the forest close to the lake guarantees intimacy and seclusion.

Length of the routes: 11 km | Physical exertion: 2/5 | Base: 100% asphalt