About the BA Biking Project

The full name of the project is ”By Bicycle from Balaton to the Adriatic,” but it is also known by its abbreviated name ”BA Biking” and the designation HUHR/1101/1.2.2./1014.

The project was registered for co-financing by the European Union in March 2012 in the third call for the submission of project proposals drafted in the framework of the IPA Cross-Border Program of Hungary – Croatia in the budget period of the European Union between 2007 and 2013. The joint committee for monitoring the IPA Cross-Border Program of Hungary – Croatia reached a decision to select the project for co-financing on 13 December 2013. It was confirmed on 30 December, which was followed by the start of the procedure for contracting the implementation of the project and reaching the decisions by the IPA Cross-Border Programme for Hungary and Croatia. Project implementation began on 1 May 2014 and will last for 20 months, or until 31 December 2015.

The project is being carried out by its main beneficiary, the city of Križevci in cooperation with its project partner, the district of Balatonszemes, while the following partners are supporting the goals of the project: Koprivnica-Križevci County, the Sports-Bicycling Association of the City of Marcali and the Tourist Board of the City of Križevac.

The primary goal of the BA Biking project is the construction of the first capillary sections of the future Balaton-Adriatic bicycle route in support of the sustainable development of tourism in the region. The main activities of the project include the reconstruction of parts of the existing bicycling trails and the construction of new ones, the outfitting of bicycling rest areas, investment in the development of trails for mountain biking, preparing maps of the bicycle trails, designing the GPS software, and other activities that promote bicycling and bicycle tourism.

The total value of the project is 925,630 EUR, 85% of which, or 786,785.50 EUR, is co-financed by the European Union.

European Union.


Source of financing City of Križevci District of Balatonszemes Total
EU resources 85% 502,902.50 283,883.00 786,785.50
Other sources 15%* 88,747.50 50,097.00 138,844.50
Total budget 100% 591,650.00 333,980.00 925,630.00

* Other sources of project financing include the participation of the project partners and other sources of financing besides the European Union, such as national co-financing. Thus, the Hungarian partners have ensured government co-financing of 10% (out of the total of 15% that this program requires the partners to co-finance from sources other than the EU). Of the 50,097.00 EUR from other sources that the District of Balatonszemes must ensure from its own resources, 33,398.00 EUR comes from co-financing from the Hungarian government, while the district is providing the remaining 16,699.00 EUR.

For local self-governing units in Croatia, such a possibility did not exist during the contracting of the project. The city of Križevci is ensuring the largest share of its participation in the project by refunding a portion of the salaries of the city employees who, along with their other duties for the city, are working on this project and are not using the services of outside experts for project management.